Dancing Flower Child

this page is where I express who I am, The Art of living
Morning View

Morning View


You are my prana to breath in.
You are my mother earth to be grounded.
You are my father sky my spirit to be free.
You are my wind to dance to.
You are my holy spirit to unite with.
You are my home to be centered.
You are my moon to feel peace within.


image Everybody is leaving me…
Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
No, it’s not true, no body ever left.
I have them, memories, love that I shared with them, I have all of it right here and they love me.
I am the one who is running away from it, not fulfilling my love, desire, passion.
I don’t allow myself to have what I truly want. I don’t give myself a permission to have it.
I don’t give myself love and I feel left alone. I leave me and I abandon me.
I shut up my inner child and I wouldn’t let her express what she needs to say.
I’m the one who is leaving me.
Thank you for showing it to me, they are my mirror.
The work by Byron Katie